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45 min $100/ Treatment Package of 3 $250 Package of 6 $500

Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation treatment performed with no discomfort; it is minimally invasive with little to no
side effects. After a microdermabrasion treatment the results can be quite dramatic. Most clients see immediate

With a series of treatments, years are easily removed from the appearance of the skin.
The client will be left with younger looking skin, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin elasticity, reduced
pore size and improved textural irregularities.

How many treatments will I need?

Age, lifestyle and skin condition determine the number of treatments required to achieve results. During the
complimentary consultation, your skin type and condition will be determined. Your esthetician will be able to evaluate
your skin, explain the needed procedure and tell you the estimated number of sessions needed. While clients usually
report a noticeable improvement after just one treatment!
The Dermalogica Skin Treatment
$100  60min

Say goodbye to outdated cookie-cutter treatments!  Dermalogica’s skin treatment is designed and customized
throughout to meet your exact skin’s needs based upon your personal face mapping® skin analysis.  Delivering visible
results through Dermalogica’s professional strength formula’s, exclusive techniques and advanced technology, we
guarantee you have never experienced a more thorough or expertly given skin treatment than this! From double
cleansing, tailored exfoliation, painless extractions (as needed), deeply calming pressure point massage to masque and
protection, this treatment takes your skin to its optimal best. 

Age Smart Treatment
$120  75 min

Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin?  Give it a revitalizing power boost with this treatment
designed to nourish, regenerate and energize skin!  Potent vitamin and hydroxy acid exfoliation resurfaces and
retexturizes skin while restructuring massage techniques release tension in the facial muscles for the ultimate in skin
therapy for prematurely-aging, mature or devitalized skin.  Firmer, smoother, revived skin you’ll love is yours with this
amazing treatment.

MediBac Clearing Treatment
$100  60min

It’s the end of the line for adult acne with this new powerful treatment that jump-starts acne clearing and helps prevent
acne well beyond the treatment. We’ll start with a thorough deep-cleansing, followed by professional exfoliation to
remove pore-clogging skin cells and extractions to help clear current breakouts without spreading acne-causing
bacteria. The application of our soothing professional masque detoxifies skin while calming irritation and redness, and
oil-free hydration and solar defense help hydrate and control excess surface oil while keeping skin protected. 

UltraCalming Treatment
$100  60min

Red, itching, burning skin - don’t conceal it. Control it! The Dermalogica UltraCalmingTM Treatment is serious relief
for sensitized skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin. By targeting the
triggers behind redness, itching and stinging, this treatment will help recover skin health for long-term relief from flare-

Ion Active System
$120  45min

Get rapid, visual results from this personalized, bio charged professional skin treatment! It combines highly active
concentrated ingredients, thermal activity and the latest treatment- room technology to target signs of skin aging,
uneven skin tone, acne and dehydration in just 45 minutes.
1 - Retinol 1% IonActive
Firming, ionizable active concentrate with 1% microencapsulated Retinol addresses visible signs of skin aging.

2 - Hyaluronic Acid IonActive
Hydrating, ionizable active concentrate delivers intense moisture to dry, dehydrated skin and soothes red, irritated

3 - Oligopeptide IonActive
Brightening, ionizable active concentrate helps inhibit pigmentation for a more balanced skin tone.

4 - Niacinamide IonActive
Clearing, ionizable active concentrate helps target and prevent breakouts on acne- prone skin.
Chemical Peel

Grape Enzyme Peel
This professional Grape Enzyme Peel is an alternative to glycolic and salicylic acid peels. This 20% multi- fruit acid
complex made with white grape wine and fresh fruit pulp gently exfoliates the upper epidermis while wine polyphenols
condition the skin. This is a mild, yet effective chemical peel for all skin types.
Salicylic 20RX
This 20% salicylic acid solution, which is both hydrophilic and lipophilic, provides intense exfoliation and expedites
cellular renewal for the perfect complexion. This professional Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) peel is ideal for treating oily,
acneic, pigmentary disturbances and sun damaged skin.

Glycolactic 70RX
This intensive professional Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) peel solution contains a combination of 35% glycolic and 35%
lactic acid. It is recommended for the treatment of fine lines, sun damage or hyperpigmentation.
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