Discussion on Landslide Risk

At our local Beavercreek Hamlet meetings, a topic of discussion that comes up regularly is that of purchasing and/or building homes in landslide areas unknowingly. One of our board members is very knowledgeable and passionate on the topic. She’s particularly concerned that both Oregon City and Clackamas County are simply allowing new building to take place, even in the highest landslide risk areas, and homeowners purchasing with absolutely no knowledge that they are in a high landslide risk area. She’s spent tons of time appealing to the State of Oregon and the county to no avail.

As many of you know, there were two additional major landslides in Oregon City in just the last month. It is a more common issue than you’d think, and most often your homeowner’s insurance does not cover should a disaster occur. I’ve spoken with Jeff Seibel Choices Insurance Agency who is incredibly knowledgeable on all things insurance related, who has options for coverage for landslides. He might be a good resource if you aren’t able to get information elsewhere.

I plan on spending more time very in depth on this issue, but not likely for a minimum of several months as I’m trying to get to the bottom of my current investigation into seemingly abandoned county roads. 

For now, the Hamlet posted a link on their Facebook page to the State of Oregon Landslide Information Database. This may be a good resource to help you determine your risk profile, but you should still speak with other authorities.

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