Local tax assessors are using aggressive methods to find ways to increase property taxes

Tax assessors have been using the RMLS (Realtors Multiple Listing Service) database to search for properties that have been remodeled or updated in order to raise the assessed value and tax more money on real property.In Portland, there are several reports of assessors stopping by homes that have recently closed and leaving notes saying that they want to see the house to see the home for valuation purposes. The upgrades that they are looking at are not things that would typically require permits from the city or county (cosmetic updates).

Please note that if there is updating done on your home, the assessed value can change, regardless if the assessor actually sees the changes in person (the assessor can use the RMLS photos to see the condition at the time the home was listed). If you find than an assessor is attempting to re-evaluate the value on your home, you may find this write up by PMAR (Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors) helpful: https://pmar.org/wp-content/uploads/5.20-Property-Tax-Update.pdf


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