On preparing a Market Analysis and the importance of viewing the homes in the report

When I meet with seller clients in discussing listing their home for sale, one of the many things that we discuss is determining an appropriate listing price. I will almost always generate a report called a Market Analysis to help aid our discussions. Most, but not all, agents provide such a report (some agents just give a number, with no evidence supplied on how it was determined).

I feel that it is imperative that clients understand how the recommended price was generated.
One aspect that is rarely discussed in our industry is the importance of driving by properties that are used in the report evaluate the exterior, if the agent has not already seen them.

Yes, this adds literally hours to my process for generating an analysis. But, this gives me SO much more information than relying on the information that is in the database alone, and gives me peace of mind in knowing that I’ve done as much research as possible.

Examples of the information that I obtain from viewing the properties listed in the report: 
-I can see if any major power lines are passing through the property or over the home directly.
-I can determine how busy the road is.
-Similarly, I can determine how much road noise there is from nearby busy roads.
-I will be able to evaluate the entrance to the neighborhood.
-I can see the grade of the driveway to the property.
-I can view more closely neighboring properties.
-Sometimes the condition of the home is more evident in person. I can see paint peeling off the siding or the roof shingles peeling back.
-I can evaluate the house-to-street orientation. Is the home sitting only a few feet back street?
-I can better gauge the distance into town.
-I can view the parking better – is there a good spot for an RV?
-Sometimes the photos that the agents submit are terribly poor in quality and there is no way to know what the home looks like without seeing the home in person.

All of these factors have a tremendous impact on property values. 

For more information on the services I provide to my seller clients, please see my page outlining my Services for Sellers.

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