First-Time Home-Buyers

The following is a list of resources and articles for folks who are considering buying their first home. Many of these are outside sources, and information rapidly changes You’ll need to independently verify that the information provided is still accurate. When you are ready to buy, check out my buyer services outline and contact me to discuss further.

Buyer’s agent – importance of hiring one to represent you and what it means
Competitive Market Analysis – reports that are not just for home sellers 
CFPB article
– how to deal with “bad” credit 
CFPB Article
– importance on shopping around for home loan
CFPB Article – ready to buy a home?
CFPB Article – shopping for a mortgage
Down-payment article – why you might want to buy now versus saving for bigger down payment
Down-payment Assistance Programs
Down-payments – sourced from gifts from friends/relatives 
Down-payments  – sourced from your retirement funds 
Home features to avoid – if you want to sell again in the near future 
How to search for a home
 – the most effective way to search 
Inspections – multiple posts regarding common inspection issues
MCC tax credit – city of Portland buyers only
Mortgage brokers – the difference between this type of lender versus bank/credit union
Multiple offers – how to compete
National Transportation Administration Road and Aviation Noise Road Map
Oregon Bond Home Loan
Oregon Housing and Community Services – first time home buyer help
Oregon Homeownership Centers
Pre-approval – the 1st step to get in place
Pre-approved versus Pre-qualified – what this means for you
Questions to as your potential agent – some good questions in this article for buyer’s agents
Tax considerations for homeowners
Zillow “zestimates” – what you should know