Service Providers

The following is a list of resources that I have found helpful in navigating real estate matters.

Attorneys (most specialize in real estate law): 

Wes Fitzwater (specializes in “elder law”) 503-781-8191
Phil Querin (specializes as PMAR‘s legal counsel and real estate law)  503-471-1334
-Jack Graham  1-503-364-1117
-Stan Wax  503-281-3435
Land use attorneys (implementing easements, etc.): Richard Mario, Rebecca Biermann Tom, Warner Allen

Cleaning Services
Brenda Nail  503-432-6623
Make it Shine Cleaning Service 503.490.4125

Drainage Contractors:
-Country Wide Construction, Tom Bonnie 503-351-8153
Sewer Repair Portland 

Clackamas Electric
(as of 7/2015 will take payment from escrow)

Fireplace/woodstove servicing:
-Derral Hall of Always Warm 503.730.0060
-Dan Noble: 503.774.7142

General Contractors and Handymen (make sure to verify that they are licensed with the CCB if you need the work performed by a licensed contractor):
-Zandy Butler with On the Level Remodeling Company
-Don Harp 503-201-3637 (unlicensed handyman that does small repairs)
-Jerry Eisert 503-720-1492 (as of 4/12/2015 is completely booked for the next six months)
-Jim Stobaugh 503-310-0352

Home Inspectors:
Associated Master Inspectors

Insurance Brokers (home, auto, etc.)
Jeff Seibel with Choices Insurance: 503-893-8344 –
Gail Moldovan Trujillo (runs a flood insurance reduction program!)

Loan officers:
-Aaron Nawrocki  (Aaron is great for all types of loans, but his rates are especially outstanding for FHA loans)
-Sue Mackley  (specializes in first time home-buyer programs especially the NHF grant)
-Anette Sieverson
-Vanessa Rez (specializes in Rehab loans)

Mold Remediation:
Certified Mold Cleaning and Restoration 

Oil tank decommissioning:
Xavier Environmental 

Drain Away Rooter (as of 7/2015 will take payment from escrow)

-Weatherguard Roofing 503.969.6818

Septic and Drain field contractors/inspectors & pumping:
Please refer to Clackamas County’s “Septic Smart” page for advice
Please make sure that the company you hire is currently licensed through DEQ.
6/24/2015 I called for price quotes on services, please call each contractor and verify the information that is listed here.

A-Affordable Septic: pumping 1,000 gallon tank is $345, and does not include digging if the lid is not exposed ($110/hour). Over 1,000 gallons is 33.5 cents per gallon. A 1,500 gallon tank is $513. An inspection of the tank is included. They will take payment out of escrow if needed. Drainfield inspections cost $335 for a DEQ report. This fee includes one hour of digging, and if any additional digging or scoping of the lines is needed it will be an additional charge. It is $110/hour for additional digging, and scoping would be done by an outside company if needed. They will call and obtain all information they need from the county to issue the report. Unfortunately they are booked far in advance.

Little Stinky – pumping 1,000 gallon tank costs $350, 35 cents over 1,000 gallons. Septic system inspection is $190. Will not take payment out of escrow. They do no digging as part of inspection fee, and they call it a “functional test” versus “visual inspection.” They do not pull up any records from the county. They seem to be able to get out and do the work quickly.

Drain Doctors a 1,000 gallon tank is $365 with the lid exposed (will cost additional if they have to dig). Drainfield inspection for paperwork for DEQ report is $345, ALL labor costs additional, and it will cost additional if they have to call the county to get the septic records themselves. Owner can go down to the county and dig up the records and submit to the company. They will NOT take payment out of escrow. On 6/24/2015 they have openings a week from now. I did not inquire what additional costs of digging/scoping the drain would be in case those items are needed.

Sewer line repair contractors/inspectors:
Inspections only: Justin Cullers at Inspectek
PGC LLC  has performed timely and inexpensive bids
Underground Solutions – Frank Hobizal 503.849.9875 has performed timely and inexpensive bids
Root Excavation 503.656.6610

Tree servicing:
Rich’s Tree Service

The inclusion of a firm on this list does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee, of any kind, by Oregon Realty Co.

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