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How My Marketing Differs From My Competitors’

downloadLast year, I listed and sold 5 homes that  were listed with previous Realtors. The following list is just a sample of data sheets of homes I marketed after being previously listed, showing how I use every tool at my disposal to highlight all features possible.

The most important piece in my marketing plan is making your listing as appealing as possible on the data sheets, which are fed to all the major real estate websites. Viewing the home on the internet is the buyer’s first impression of the property, and having hardly any information filled out, inaccuracies, or having blurry, distorted, or dark photos is a disservice to you. Moreover, most buyers have a “Buyer’s Agent” they are already working with who will be showing the home, and this is my way of pitching your home to them without my actual presence. This is the number one job of a Listing Agent.

In each of the following examples, you will see two (or more) listing data sheets. The first listings, showing a status “EXP”, are the data sheets from when the home was listed previously with another Realtor. The next data sheets showing as “SLD” are the data sheets from when I actually sold and closed on the property.

This home, located at 15095 Glen Oak Road, was listed previously with another prominent agent in the area. Note that the square footage is incorrect, the listing does not include a major addition, and many misc details are not filled out on the listing.

This home that I recently sold on Seal Court in Oregon City went on the market over the summer and I received two full price offers within a day of going on the market. Note the differences in the two listings: the photo of the front of the home is much better, I sold it for $100,000 more than it was listed for a few years prior, there are many data fields that are not filled out, and my comments on the property and room descriptions are much more revealing. In addition, you’ll note on the second page of my data sheet, I used an additional page in our database to highlight some features that I could not find room for on the main data page. The review on 9/25/2015 on my Zillow review page is from this client.

This acreage home on Neibur in Oregon City had been recently listed with another Realtor for 6 months. The photos are the same on these two listing reports because the seller wanted to use his own photos. As you can see, there are many errors on the first report. First and foremost the square footage breakdown and the overall total amount of square footage is incorrect. The listing says that “tax credits” are available when the property taxes are “deferred” which is different. Lots of other little errors, such as mentioning cedar siding and slate floors – neither of which were present on this home. I listed this property during the slowest party of the year, two days before Christmas. It received an offer after 60 days on the market. The review on 4/10/2015 on my Zillow review page is from this client, and further outlines the differences that my client experienced with me versus another broker.

This home on Glen Oak Road, also in Oregon City, was previously listed for 214 days. When I put the home on the market, I received four outstanding offers within two days.  Note the difference quality of the photo, substantial price difference between what it sold for and what it was listed for previously, how much more descriptive the details are, utilizing every field possible. The biggest disservice to this listing was not saying much about the shop. That shop was one of the most exciting garages I had ever seen! I made sure to outline all features of the extensively wired and spacious shop which is hardly mentioned in the first listing. I also utilized more pages at my disposal, and even attached another PDF for Realtors to download for their clients, showing even more outstanding features on this home.

This home on Wake Robin in Oregon City was listed just a few months prior as a For Sale By Owner and then by another Realtor for 113 days. I sold it for slightly more than the previous broker had it listed for and got a full price offer within two days of hitting the market. Note that the square footage is incorrect on the first listing, and again the differences in how descriptive the listings are.

This home that I sold on Talawa Drive in Oregon City was listed once in 2011, again in 2013, and finally sold by me in 2015. The biggest differences in the way the first two listings are presented and my listing is my much more descriptive comments and utilizing all fields possible to highlight as much as I can on the property. Also note that I sold the home for $389,900 whereas it failed to sell at much lower prices previously. When I listed the home, it received a full price offer in under 30 days.

As always, feel free to email or call with any further questions, and I look forward to helping you!