Initial Disclosures

These are the brochures/handouts that are typically given to my buyers when meeting to discuss looking at homes for sale.

The Oregon Association of Realtors has put together a Buyer Advisory for anything thinking of purchasing a home. Many of the more common issues related to buying a home are listed in the brochure.

The Oregon Real Estate Agency requires that we give and discuss the Initial Agency Disclosure, that describes the three types of agency relationships in Oregon. This particular brochure is actually for Realtors, as there isn’t one available for buyers and sellers on the web, but it will give you an idea of what you will see when we meet in person.

If you are considering older homes you will need to review the EPA’s Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home brochure.

If you are considering purchasing a short sale, the Oregon Association of Realtors has put together some information for you to consider in this handy Distressed Property Brochure.

When you do write an offer on a property, the amount of paperwork involved can be a bit overwhelming. Our Oregon Real Estate Forms committee has put together this brochure for What You Need to Know.

Finally, The Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors has put together a helpful Inspection Advisory detailing common inspections you may want to consider as part of your purchase.