Selling Your Home

This page will give you an outline of the basic steps involved when you list a home for sale with me. 

Our Initial Meeting
The first time we meet, we will discuss Agency Disclosure laws, my credentials, review records, and will tour your home.

Agency Disclosure
At our first meeting we will discuss the various types of Realtor agency relationships so that you are fully informed as to your rights under Oregon law.

My Credentials
You will receive a copy of my “resume” along with letters of recommendations from past clients.

Review Tax & County Records
I will provide you with a copy of the tax record and a “trio” on your property. A “trio” is a report that I obtain from the title company consisting of:

  • the plat map,
  • county records,
  • and a copy of the deed to your property.

You can then review this information for accuracy.

Tour of Your Home
Together, we will tour your home and I will record details of your home’s features and take room dimensions. I will then take this information back to my office to work up a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This research will provide you with comprehensive data you can use when deciding on a price for your home.

Our Second Meeting

The second time that we meet, we will go over the CMA in detail, discuss my marketing, and if you are ready, prepare the listing documents to get your home ready for the market.

Reviewing the CMA
A CMA is short for Comparative Market Analysis. This is a report that contains several homes that are similar to yours and will help you determine an appropriate listing price for the home. My CMA reports differ in two distinct ways: first, I try to come up with as many comparable properties as I can (not just two or three). Second, I try to view the homes in person. This step gives you much more information than simply relying on what you can read in the computer. For example:  I can determine the general feel of the neighborhood, the condition of the home, whether or not there is road noise, etc. All of these issues will have major impact on the final selling price of the home. The amount of time and diligence in preparing a CMA report is one of the things that differentiates me from my competition.

My Marketing Plan
Also during our second meeting, I will provide you with a copy of my detailed marketing plan. This report details for you what my exact plans are to help you get your home sold. I will show you examples of my flyers, signage, your RMLS listing, “just-listed” postcards, and other advertisements.

Preparing the Listing Documents
I will bring with me all of the documents needed to list your home. We can go through and fill them out in detail, or, you can read them at your leisure and we can fill them out at a later time. We will also discuss my commission rate.

Transaction Management

When we get an offer on your home, my job is to help negotiate the terms on your behalf and ensure that your potential buyer has the financial capability to purchase your home. After we have an accepted offer on your home, I will track all deadlines and verify that all steps are completed satisfactorily.  Some transactions require repairs, and I will help you coordinate this work. My goal is for you to experience the smoothest transaction possible.

I look forward to working with you!


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